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Your luxury selling guide!

There are many good reasons why you should sell your unused luxury items – from helping the environment through the circular economy, to making room in your wardrobe for other things you love. But when it comes to where to sell luxury goods, you can get confused.

We've all experienced the painstaking process of auction sites like eBay. There's little fun to be had using a large, generic platform that doesn't really cater to the luxury market. How can you find the best site to sell designer bags that will get your bags seen by people who are genuinely interested, and in a way that fits your ethics and values?

Decluttering has tremendous benefits

With designer pieces, the trick to true happiness with your wardrobe is to maintain exclusivity. If your wardrobe is overcrowded, individual items will lose their sense of luxury. And as Marie Kondo says, only hold onto items that "spark joy."

Good for the environment

300,000 tonnes of clothing waste goes to landfill each year in the UK. It is not good. Designer handbags sometimes fall into the 'impulse buy' category, or maybe you just didn't like the item. There's no need for them to go to landfill when there's going to be someone out there who really needs that exact part.

Your luxury goods are of great value

It depends on the name, of course, but in general, designer bags hold a very good value. Of course compared to clothing and other accessory items.

you make money

Let's be honest; the big attraction to reselling your luxury goods is to secure some cash back on your original purchase. You can enter it into the next item. But it's not just you who will make money. Choose where to sell your designer handbags carefully and you can choose a site that gives back in the form of a donation.

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