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ALLU is Japan's leading buying institution for the purchase of branded goods both used and new. We have opened more than 156 stores in 19 countries. 

ALLU is the store that cares about you. Our name, "ALLU, " is a play on words that means "All for You. " Every item has their stories to be told. When these treasures are passed down from owner to owner, they start telling a new story of their own. That's why we are here, we help bring these new stories to life. We are more than just a business—we are a movement. Our goal is to connect people and level up their lives through luxury items. We believe this act will give the contribution to reduce the environmental footprint and help to make the world a better place . That's why we are called “All For U”: we are all here for YOU!

ALLU is here to level up. We are proud to introduce the new look and feel of ALLU. The fresh approach to look, feel and usability is something we believe can lead this brand to become world-renowned with a little bit of personal touch of the brand itself. With the same people involved and a more refined plan for testing, we are confident that ALLU will help us take a big leap forward.

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